Professional Organizations

Most professional organizations within the mental health field, including those dedicated to trauma-informed practices, are framed within a biomedical model that serves to medicalize the suffering of many. When searching for professional support it is helpful to know which may offer referrals and other resources dedicated to a more humanistic, holistic, and psychosocial perspective of emotional distress. Those who may have atypical experiences that get labelled as ‘psychotic’ or ‘bipolar’ or ‘personality disordered’ may find refuge within one or all of these organizations.

Free publications for self-care and increased awareness

This effort is ongoing in attempting to gather publications that provide coping strategies for navigating difficult times, tool-kits for self-care, and alternative frameworks for understanding one’s experiences. Some documents provide education and academic guides written by clinicians and scholars focused on contextualized and holistic approaches to emotional distress. 

Peer initiatives, videos, and books

Self-determination and acceptance within a group of like-minded peers can be incredibly healing experiences, especially for those who have a history of abuse, oppression, and isolation. Some peer-led efforts are online while others provide local groups throughout the United States and much of the world. In addition to these initiatives, there are also many videos that provide support, advice, knowledge, and artistic expression in regard to promoting emotional well-being and understanding emotional distress. For those looking for a more in-depth understanding of specific phenomena or social justice issues, a list of books is provided that is by no means inclusive, but certainly a beginning.