Psychosis Summit Noel Hunter

A psychologist’s perspective on psychosis and trauma: A personal story

Psychosis Summit aims to strategically raise awareness on treatment methodologies, and support approaches, for helping peers dealing with psychosis and their families. In this interview, Dr. Noel Hunter discusses her experiences both professionally and personally in regards to the link between psychosis and trauma.

Bedlam in America Noel Hunter

Interview with Dr. Noel Hunter

Katherine Hine interviews Dr. Hunter regarding recent mental health legislation, human rights issues in mental health care, and trauma’s role in emotional distress.

mental health news radio

Noel Hunter, PsyD Challenges Our Traditional Beliefs about Mental Health

Noel Hunter, PsyD joins Mental Health News Radio with a fresh and alternative view of mental health and symptomology… and gives a different viewpoint on how childhood adversity shapes our altered states of awareness that many of us call mental illness.

Despite outbreak of mass shootings, mental health overhaul remains stubbornly out of reach

Noel Hunter claims the bill “threatens not only the civil liberties of individuals labeled as mentally ill, but it could also ultimately be detrimental to our society as a whole.”

Doubling down on the brain-based model of mental illness

In this episode of the Integral Health Resources Podcast, I discuss an important paper by Noel Hunter and William Schultz called A Response to the Hyper-focus on Brain-based Research and “Disease”.


Shopping Sales May Be Bad for Mental Health

The results may explain horrific incidences that have occurred at Black Fridays in the past, said study researcher Noel Hunter… such as trampling of shoppers, use of pepper spray and even a shooting.

Shopping During a Sale May Make You Lose Your Mind

A new study suggests that shoppers may actually experience their own personal ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ when submersed in super sale madness…Lead researcher Noel Hunter believes the results may explain some of the horrific incidences that have occurred at Black Fridays in the past