• On first-person perspectives and improving communication

    Liverpool, United Kingdom
    August, 2017

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  • First time in the US!

    The World Hearing Voices Congress is coming to Boston August 2017!

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  • Moving beyond language and fear

    Dr. Hunter provides workshops on trauma-informed approaches to emotional suffering.

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Soon to be released:

The Scarlet Diagnosis


Women & Psychosis

What readers have to say…

Noel, I have to say, that was impressive! Your grasp of both the issues and the research is obvious, and your writing style allows the lay reader to understand the research without being bogged down in technicalities. And you make SO much sense!

This is a well-written, incisive, and carefully referenced article that hits all the high points…thank you for helping to get the word out…I wish more people were speaking out the way you do.

Both her extensive analysis of the literature spanning the last century and results of these interviews serve to challenge the modern-day accepted practices of conceptualizing people’s problems in living as “disease” and then treating them in an authoritarian manner that extends from this “broken” perspective.

This article is timely for me, as I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to exactly these issues. You have provided me with an excellent resource. Thank you.

Now that was definitely a read, always learning

What you’ve written is the first piece I’ve seen anywhere about trauma and dissociation that is in-touch with reality. It’s also incredibly valuable, because it’s written from the perspective of an insider to medicine. I expect to wind up referring to it often as a translation dictionary between my experience and the official explanations

Noel, you always blow me away with your intelligent and honest critiques that get right to the heart of the matter.

She is another expert who is a part of the growing movement to expose the ‘biomedical model of the brain’ and how it treats mental health issues for the destructive fraud it is.